quarta-feira, 24 de junho de 2009

Regencia - Linhares - Espirito Santo - Brazil

An amazing left-hander river-mouth point break that works best with South swell and Northeast wind, good in winter time when the sand bottom is in good conditions.
There are some dangers like fisher nets and sharks by the Rio Doce (Sweet river) mouth. It looks to be a laid back mooded fisher village with incredible waves. A nice surf trip for sure.

terça-feira, 23 de junho de 2009

Pulau Panaitan, Jakarta, Indonesia

This is the place where the movie 'Second Thoughs' was shot. It is an island located near to Jakarta, Indonesia. The movie is great and show awesome perfect waves in a wild place. A must see. The team stays like one month camping in this remote island, very cool.

The both corners of the island bay have theirs reef brakes shown at the movie. But in Google Earth there is not enough picture definition in order to check the spots closely. But the east shore of the island can be well seen, and in the movie I guess they did not went to that side.

Still plenty of secret spots.

The movie soon will be availabe at surfmovies.blogspot.com !!

quinta-feira, 18 de junho de 2009

Rincon - California

Rincon is a world famous surf spot, heavy crowd since the 70's as show the movie Crystal Voyager.

Very nice looking waves by Google Earth.

Show bigger map

Balangan - Bali - Indonesia

Google Earth reveals the perfet lefts of Balangan. Indonesia is the surf dreamland with so many spots on its 17,000 islands. Imagine how many reef breaks does it have.
Now is the surfing season in Indonesia and this is one of Bali's famous spots.

There are many surf movies that are filmed in Indonesia, two of them are Shades of Bali and the classic Ulu 32 - brought to you by surfmovies.blogspot.com

segunda-feira, 15 de junho de 2009

Praia da Vila - Imbituba - SC - Brazil

This is the next WCT stop, Praia da Vila (Vila Beach) in Brazil. A very good beach break with point break characteristcs that can hold very big south swells. It forms a peak in the middle of the beach and a both left and right hander waves gain form.
Hope in the event it is on fire.

From aspworldtour.com
Date/Location/Event name/Prize
Jun 27-Jly 5
Santa Catarina-Brazil
Hang Loose Santa Catarina Pro

Surf movie that show this spot - America do Surf - can be found at surfmovies.blogspot.com

Cokes and Chickens - Maldives

Cokes and chickens... Two reef breaks opposite to each other.